Lufthansa Group combines flight schools under one roof

Lufthansa Group has combined the activities of its flight schools in Germany, Switzerland and the United States under the European Flight Academy (EFA) umbrella, the company said.

The decision was made by the executive board in its meeting on May 24, 2016.

EFA will offer the airlines of the Lufthansa Group (LHG), as well as in the external market, standardized pilot training of consistently high quality at competitive prices, from a single source. Training is carried out at the existing flight schools Lufthansa Flight Training Pilot School (VFS) Bremen, Airline Training Center Arizona (ATCA), Pilot Training Network (PTN), and Swiss Aviation Training (SAT).

Graduates of the EFA flight schools will receive an airline license that meets the requirements of the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). ATPL certification is recognized and does not require a preliminary decision regarding at which airline the career path will continue. In order to ensure high-quality training with optimal economic efficiency, EFA is also investing in the modernization and expansion of its current fleet of training aircraft as well as modern training methods.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, commonly known as Lufthansa, is the largest German airline and, when combined with its subsidiaries, also the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of passengers carried and fleet size.