Lufthansa Group cancels flights to Tel Aviv and Eilat

Lufthansa Group has announced it has cancelled all flights to Tel Aviv and Eilat for a three-week period beginning March 8, due to Israel´s extended refusal of entry, the company said.

The refusal of entry applied from March 6 for travelers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and will lead to a drop in demand for fights to Israel,

Lufthansa cancelled about 7,100 European flights in March

Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the spread of the coronavirus and the decline in demand, the Lufthansa Group has also decided to reduce capacity by up to 25 per cent. The route cancellations and frequency adjustments correspond to a calculated capacity of 150 aircraft, of which 125 are short- and medium-haul and are 25 long haul. The Lufthansa Group fleet currently comprises around 770 aircraft, including some 180 long-haul aircraft.