Lufthansa Cargo sets up test factory with IBS Software

IBS Software, leading IT solutions provider to the global aviation industry, has set up a Test Factory for Lufthansa Cargo to ensure that all its application software are fit for purpose and meet the highest quality standards that Lufthansa Cargo sets for itself, the company said.

Lufthansa Cargo, a world leader in the air cargo industry, is known for its highly efficient processes, reliability and service excellence. With this Test Factory, Lufthansa Cargo will derive benefits from IBS´ air cargo domain knowledge and vast experience of building, testing and implementing mission critical systems for a large number of airlines and travel companies around the world.

IBS is a strategic IT partner for Lufthansa Cargo. Under this engagement, IBS is responsible for managing end-to-end testing of all applications under the core IT platform, enabling a smooth roll out of product upgrades, new services and innovations. The Test Factory also uses IBS´ enabling assets of testing frameworks, proven processes and effective tools to provide cost and quality advantage to Lufthansa Cargo. It also ensures that the testing services are delivered in a scalable, flexible and cost effective manner.