Lufthansa Airlines offers passengers return-flight guarantee

Lufthansa Airlines has announced it will offer passengers a return-flight guarantee during the coronavirus pandemic, the company said.

The airlines´ CEO told Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper that they would bring back anyone who wants to go back to Germany. Whether a passenger is not allowed to enter the destination country due to recording a high temperature, or they have to be quarantined there or because the virus has broken out – in all these cases there will be a guaranteed return flight.

Now that some countries are lifting travel bans, Lufthansa wants to entice passengers back on board. Thousands of jobs are now at stake in the group, which employs about 138,000 people.

The company is in the later stages of agreement with the German government over a bail-out agreement worth around 9 billion euros.

Lufthansa called for consideration of government incentives for new aircraft. A new aircraft needs up to 25 percent less fuel and to generate 50 percent less noise than its predecessor. If more new aircraft were purchased, it would help the environment, the aircraft manufacturers and the airlines.