LSR simplifies Bluetooth Smart development

LSR said it has released its new Serial-to-BLE software that simplifies development of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications using LSR´s SaBLE-xâ„¢ Bluetooth® Smart module.

The SaBLE-x™ is the first certified module solution based on the innovative SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Smart CC2640 wireless microcontroller (MCU) from Texas Instruments (TI).

Serial-to-BLE accelerates Bluetooth Smart development by providing a simple, comprehensive API library of commands for serial communication via UART between your design´s host microcontroller and the SaBLE-x module. By providing a dynamic library of JSON-based human-readable command sets that users can modify and add to, as well as the source C code for both the MCU and RF module firmware, even developers with minimal experience with Bluetooth Smart can quickly implement Bluetooth for a product with a microcontroller already on board.

Developers can access the Serial-to-BLE software in the initial release of LSR´s new Developer Tool Suite, a free PC download which is available today from LSR´s website. The Serial-to-BLE software is complemented by LSR´s ModuleLinkâ„¢ for BLE mobile app, available on both the iOS and Android platforms, allowing developers to fully test their BLE designs quickly.

LS Research is a global leader in enabling advanced wireless technology platforms including Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, BLE, ZigBee®, 802.15.4, RFID, NFC, DECT, and Cellular.