LSR introduces new Wi-Fi Module, Wi-Fi development tool

LSR said it is introducing two new solutions that help companies design and certify wirelessly-connected products quickly and successfully.

These two Broadcom-enabled solutions speed time to market, while also minimizing design risks, reducing implementation costs, and achieving certification for the widest range of international standards.

The two new solutions are:

> The Sterling-LWB™ certified Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Bluetooth® Smart multi-standard module, which enables companies to easily add wireless capabilities to electronic products typically running Linux.

> A new Serial-to-WiFi API for the TiWi-C-Wâ„¢ certified Wi-Fi module with integrated TCP/IP stack enables companies to easily add Wi-Fi capabilities to low cost products for the quickly emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market.

The new LSR Wi-Fi development solutions utilize Broadcom´s broadly deployed silicon technology and WICEDâ„¢ software platform. The Sterling-LWB utilizes Broadcom´s powerful BCM4343W chipset for Linux-based applications. The Serial-to-WiFi API is designed for IoT applications utilizing LSR´s TiWi-C-W Wi-Fi module with integrated TCP/IP stack, powered by Broadcom´s BCM4390 chipset.

LS Research, a Laird business, makes it possible for the world´s most forward-looking companies to design the next generation of connected smart products in a dramatically faster, simpler way.