Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association combats fraud in loyalty programs

Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association (LFPA) has been launched by Airline Information (Ai) and other global industry stakeholders to fight fraud, hacking and theft of loyalty program points and miles, the association said.

Newly named LFPA president Iain Webster, former senior executive of British Airways´ executive club and the Qatar Airways privilege club, says the association´s formation is in response to criminal activity by fraudsters who exploit weak links in loyalty and reward programs´ earn-and-burn chains. According to some estimates, 72 percent of loyalty programs have experienced fraud-related issues.

As a professional organization, the LFPA will help loyalty programs understand loyalty fraud prevention and, serve as a resource and central database for known loyalty fraudsters, establish best practices for preventing fraud and educate loyalty program members via workshops and conferences.

Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association supports the industry in its fight to reduce and eliminate loyalty fraud.