LoudCloud Systems, CM Squared form Asian partnership

LoudCloud Systems said that CM Squared has finalized an exclusive distribution and licensing agreement of LoudCloud´s state of the art Learning Management System to CM Squared in The People´s Republic of China and Vietnam.

CM Squared is a recognized global consulting firm specializing in Offline to Online and globalization services to institutions of higher education. Presently, it consults for university clients in the US, China and Vietnam.

LoudCloud Systems has invested heavily in creating learning systems that meet the needs of traditional students, while creating an environment that allows universities and school districts to start new models such as competency based programs.

LoudCloud Systems is a behavioral analytics based teaching and learning platform designed to deliver personalized pathways in education. The core framework, rooted in re-imagined LMS technology, simplifies course and content authoring using proprietary algorithms to inform and guide course progress.

Creative Minds Squared is a global leader in capacity building for higher education online learning.