Loton subsidiary gets multi-year digital streaming rights for Tao Group

Loton, Corp´s (OTC: LIVX) LiveXLive subsidiary has entered into an agreement securing the worldwide multi-year streaming rights for Tao Group, the Premier restaurant and nightlife group, the company said.

LiveXLive will produce and distribute HD digital broadcast experiences of the world´s leading performers to any connected device.

LiveXLive will create and curate ongoing branded Tao Group content including live streamed concerts, DJ shows, backstage content, artist interviews and other lifestyle events from their venues. Furthermore, Tao will stream from their tents at major global events including Coachella, South by Southwest, and the Sundance Film Festival.

In advance of the formal launch of LiveXLive, the company will continue to acquire rights to top music festivals in addition to nightlife performances and other live music. The company is in discussions with content partners, venues and artists from around the world.

The Tao Group is a restaurant and nightlife company that develops, owns and operates many of the most successful food, beverage and nightlife entertainment venues in the United States. Currently TAO Group has operations in New York City, Las Vegas and Sydney, Australia.

Loton is a parent company in the emerging live / digital music space. The company´s LiveXLive subsidiary intends to be a continuously live music network that will deliver around the clock live music to viewers on any connected device as an authentic and experiential platform. LiveXLive intends to feature all genres of music including rock, pop, indie, alternative, EDM, country and feature major festival headliners as well as emerging artists performing at clubs and venues around the globe.