Longview Aviation Capital suspends Dash 8-400 and Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft production

Canadian aviation investment company Longview Aviation Capital Corp. has announced it is suspending manufacturing operations for new production Dash 8-400 aircraft at De Havilland´s Downsview facility in Toronto, and new production Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft at Viking´s facilities in Victoria, BC and Calgary, Alberta, the company said.

Production on these aircraft will be paused until further notice. Approximately 800 employees or 65% of De Havilland´s current workforce, and 180 employees or 40% of Viking current workforce will be affected.

Longview and its subsidiaries have been in close communication with customers and suppliers over the last several weeks. On the basis of these discussions, and against the backdrop of significantly reduced airline activity, Longview determined that it is necessary to pause all new aircraft production activity at this time.

The suspension applies only to new aircraft production. Both De Havilland and Viking will continue to provide full product support and technical services to all in-service De Havilland and Viking aircraft. All other Longview business activities will continue as usual, including:

Longview hopes to restart aircraft manufacturing operations as conditions improve — based upon ongoing local, national and international events and developments.

Longview Aviation Capital Corp. (LAC) is the parent company of De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited and Viking Air Limited.