Longeron Replacement Program to keep F-15s dying

Air Force Materiel Command has announced the 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group F-15 Sustainment Program Office and the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia have been inspecting and replacing the longerons to keep the F-15 C/D Eagle aircraft flying and to keep pilots safe, the command said.

A longeron is the load bearing portion of the aircraft that runs lengthwise in the structure. They run lengthwise in the structure; and, together with stringers, they form the longitudinal frame for the wings and fuselage that is an integral part of the F-15´s structure, according to the 561st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron flight chief.

Longerons had the beginning signs of fatigue and cracking. The Longeron Replacement Program will focus only on the six longerons and the number one stringer.”

All the Air Force F-15 C/D models will have to have the longerons replaced.

There are currently eight aircraft grounded at Robins awaiting LRP, and another 15 across the fleet that are grounded or flying on a waiver to receive the modification.

The plan is for F-15 program depot maintenance to modify the remainder of the F-15 C/D model fleet by 2024.

The 561st AMXS and 558th AMXS are both working together to complete the F-15 C/D LRP.

The LRP and PDM´s being performed by the members of the 402nd AXMG will provide cost savings to the Air Force.

According to the 561st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron flight chief, it will sustain the number of flight worthy aircraft available to the Air Force and warfighter for additional 20 years and, most importantly, protect human life.