London is the MOST expensive part of the UK for ‘a good night’s sleep’

New research has revealed that London is the most expensive part of the UK for the electricity used for ‘a good night’s sleep’, alongside North Wales and Merseyside.

This includes the cost for charging your phone, sleeping with white noise on and leaving a fan on in the hotter months of the year, all for 8-hours a night.

In comparison, the North East of England is the region that has the cheapest electricity bill, on average, based on the same method. The full list of the UK regions, as well as their average cost for the year for doing the above three things, from most expensive to least, are:

  • London – £17.00
  • Merseyside and North Wales – £17.00
  • South East – £16.94
  • Eastern – £16.77
  • Southern – £16.37
  • South West – £16.31
  • South Wales – £16.25
  • North West – £16.08
  • West Midlands – £16.02
  • North Scotland – £16.02
  • South Scotland – £15.97
  • East Midlands – £15.85
  • Yorkshire – £15.74
  • North East – £15.57

Of course, this doesn’t include other nightly costs such as leaving the fridge on, baby monitors or slow cookers, so the final number could be a lot more whopping.

So, what is using most of our money? Turns out that sleeping with a fan on for the hotter months, so three months per year, for 8-hours per night, will cost the entire nation over £600m per year in electricity bills.

However, charging the phone is the most popular of the three things people do overnight, with 57% of people admitting to doing this. However, despite charging a phone being the most cost-effective of the three activities, it still costs the UK nearly £80m per year.

As for sleeping with white noise, just 23% of British adults admit to this. Keeping a speaker of some sort on overnight is costing the UK over £84m in electricity bills.

So, to total it all up, the whole of the UK is spending more than £766m on electric each year, when they aren’t even awake. And this doesn’t even include items that are left on standby, which can add over £400 to an electric bill, according to this source.

However, the survey from Mattressman also revealed that 85% of the British population are worried about the rising energy costs, which is no surprise considering its in the news a lot, perhaps making us think about it more.

From this, only 52% of these people admitted to turning off their standby items when they’re not in use.

Louis Kerry, Marketing Manager at Mattressman, says:

“What we found also interesting in this study was how electricity prices vary place-by-place. London, similar to most things, came out as the most expensive electricity bill, while the North East had the lowest bill. I think a lot of people think that electricity is the same in every single location across the UK. This study goes to show how much the price of electric can differ, even in the region next to you!”

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