London Heathrow Airport plans COVID-19 testing for pilots, passengers

London´t Heathrow Airport has announced it plans to test pilots and passengers for COVID-19 upon arrival, the company said.

Working with two airline resource companies, London Heathrow says they can potentially launch Test-on-Arrival with the hopes of telling people if they test positive in hours, instead of days.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) says it have developed both a method and procedure to test pilots and passengers on arrival for COVID-19, with results coming in hours. In a press release, Collison Group announced by working with the airport and service provider Swissport, the Test-on-Arrival plan could welcome more travelers in while reducing quarantine time.

Collison claims the test is sensitive enough to detect a novel Coronavirus infection even when a passenger has displayed no symptoms.

The British government has not yet added Collison´s test plans to its 43rd exemption to the quarantine. Collison and Swissport are working together to offer the plans to other airports, hoping the resulting testing will reduce the need for quarantining all passengers.