Lomark releases DSP+ platform

China-based mobile demand-side platform (DSP) enterprise Lomark said it has released DSP+, overturning the service mode of existing DSP platforms.

The DSP+ platform builds an integrated marketing service mode which is advertiser-centric and integrates ´local advertising service + DSP + DMP.´ It is the first service-oriented mobile DSP in China.

The new DSP+ platform upgrades the mobile DSP product mode, which changes the value of product-centric to customer-centric, and breaks the limitation of product functions, so as to provide strong support for the full-blown outbreak of the programmatic buying of the mobile market.

The construction of Lomark´s DSP+ platform adheres to the user-centered principle, and starts from the perspective of advertisers in platform construction, technology research and development, function setting, visual optimization and even the tone and style of the interface. The platform supports the “dual channel” mode of RTB+PPB programmatic buying, and strives to present an integrated service platform which is simple, flexible and can bring about efficient communication value for advertisers, as well as avoid the waste of resources resulting from complex media buying.