LOGIX Fiber Networks supports Texas economic development

LOGIX Fiber Networks, the largest independent fiber network provider in Texas, and a provider of data center solutions, is supporting Texas economic development by continuing to expand its fiber footprint in suburban areas, complementing its long-standing fiber core in the state´s major metro hubs, the company said.

One suburban example is the City of Stafford, Texas, just 15 miles southwest of Houston. Widely recognized as the only Texas city without a property tax, Stafford is also home to a planned 192-acre, mixed-use project at a former Texas Instruments site. Stafford is extremely diverse both in terms of its residents and businesses.

LOGIX recently installed about 17 miles of fiber in Stafford, giving more than 1,300 businesses there a wide array of affordable and flexible broadband service options from a long-time Texas company, instead of a limited choice of national service providers.

LOGIX has more than 6,200 route miles of network spanning 225,000 fiber miles, which serves more than 12,500 enterprise and carrier customers across Texas. LOGIX operates its own high-performance data center facilities and connects to more than 100 data centers in Texas.

LOGIX Fiber Networks is a well-established fiber‐based network infrastructure operator. LOGIX provides highly secure fiber-based data and voice services as well as data center access to enterprise and carrier customers. Known for its outstanding customer service and high-bandwidth connectivity, LOGIX also uses streamlined and flexible processes to help customers focus on their business first. For more details about LOGIX, visit us at www.logix.com.