LOGIX Fiber Networks Shares New Report on Key Tool for Telecommuting

LOGIX Fiber Networks, a Texas-based business connectivity company with more than 265,000 miles of fiber across the state, recently published a new report examining the top reasons companies are moving their business phone service to the cloud, the company said.

Over the past five years, LOGIX has supported hundreds of businesses of all sizes with their transition to voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud hosted private branch exchange (PBX) systems, helping them support a mobile workforce and save as much as 50% over their existing business phone services.

Traditional on-premise systems can be cost-prohibitive and unreliable. With LOGIX´s hosted PBX, businesses are cutting their cost significantly with all-inclusive pricing and improving dependability with a 99.999% reliability guarantee.

The report offers critical factors to consider when determining if moving a company´s business phone service to the cloud is the most efficient way forward. Several factors to evaluate are costs, reliability, mobility, quality, and disaster recovery. The report shares a number of key elements associated with a hosted PBX solution including the potential savings and call quality factors, the expected redundancy levels that can be achieved, the reduction in maintenance costs, and what online dashboards and other advanced features are available.

To learn about the benefits of switching to hosted PBX, download the free executive report from the LOGIX Resource Center found on the LOGIX website. The LOGIX Resource Center is a free resource available to all business leaders. Additional executive reports and informative articles are continuously being added to the Center.

LOGIX Fiber Networks is an established fiber‐based network infrastructure operator in Texas.