Logicworks service provides comprehensive framework for migration to Amazon Web Services cloud

Logicworks has launched its Cloud Migration Service — a three-part consultation that helps new and existing customers accelerate success with AWS, the company said.

The service provides enterprise IT teams with a well-tested framework for cloud migration that includes an assessment and discovery phase, a detailed technical and operational plan for AWS, and the build-out of foundational AWS resources designed for security, availability and agility.

The service will benefit IT leaders who want to adopt AWS for the first time or migrate a greater number of mission-critical applications to AWS, but need operational and technical support to understand organizational roadblocks, address compliance and security needs or implement a DevOps-based, software-driven approach to cloud management.

Logicworks is a leading provider of DevOps cloud automation and managed services for the enterprise. As an AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Service Partner, Logicworks has proven expertise in managing complex cloud infrastructures for enterprise clients in the healthcare, financial services, and commerce industries.