Loganair Flight removes passengers from overweight aircraft

Loganair, a regional airline based at Glasgow Airport has announced a flight grounded by bad weather had to dislodge passengers in order to get off the ground after being deemed too heavy to fly, the company said.

The flight, bound for Derry, Ireland, from London Southend Airport, got stuck on the runway due to inclement weather and after a few hours´ delay, the airline asked five passengers to leave so that the airplane could lift off safely.

But no sooner had the weather cleared up at Derry than a combination of low pressure and rainfall left the runway surface at Southend in a condition which imposed limitations on the aircraft performance, The aircraft was consequently over its maximum available take-off weight for the conditions.

Five customers volunteered to travel via another routing to Derry. Loganair offered each passenger EUR 250 in compensation, plus full airfare for the trip.