Lockheed Martin presents GPS Block II on-orbit test to 2nd SOPS

Lockheed Martin has announced it has presented the 2nd Space Operations Squadron with a GPS Block III model satellite, the company said.

The presentation was to celebrate the successful on-orbit testing of the new GPS III satellite at Schriever Air Base on July 29.

The GPS III provides improved capabilities over the legacy vehicles. The vehicle has some autonomous capability, such as the ability to perform on-board calculations and save itself when it senses an anomaly. It has increased power as well as three times the accuracy and eight times the anti-jam capability.

Wood said 2nd SOPS has spent the last few months upgrading their hardware and software for the new GPS Block III, and over the next year, they have two major system updates and continuation training for their operators to ensure they are ready for the modernized system.

The 2nd SOPS operates the largest Department of Defense spacecraft constellation using the Master Control Station and a worldwide network of monitor stations and ground antennas.

The 2nd SOPS works 24/7 to ensure people can use the numerous benefits of GPS, such as navigation and precision timing.