Locix Releases WiFi-Based Local Positioning System

Locix, next-generation innovator in spatial intelligence solutions, has announced the commercial launch of its WiFi-based, ultra-precise and cost-effective local positioning system (LPS), the company said.

Locix LPS is a full-stack solution for location determination of WiFi enabled devices such as, asset trackers, mobile phones, IoT sensors, appliances, and equipment, with sub-meter accuracy in indoor and outdoor environments. It enables enterprises to accurately and reliably locate and analyze the use of human and material resources to significantly increase visibility and improve productivity and efficiency. Given the omnipresence of WiFi, Locix WiFi-based LPS enables a new capability for spatial awareness and a broad range of new spatially intelligent mobile applications.

Allied Market Research projects the global indoor positioning and indoor navigation market to reach USD 43.51 Billion by 2025. Existing and emerging wireless local positioning technologies in this market suffer from the inability to deal with reflections, absorption, and bandwidth limitations, significantly diminishing their accuracy. Locix LPS has been specifically designed to robustly deal with these limitations to deliver sub-meter accuracy in even the most challenging environments.

Locix develops cloud-based spatial intelligence solutions for commercial buildings, consumer homes and connected devices — digitizing the physical world. Locix solutions uniquely capture location, visual and sensor data and combine them with advanced data analytics to provide spatial awareness and enable actionable insights for automated decision making.