Livonia, Michigan doubles broadband bandwidth with WOW! Internet

WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone division WOW! Business has partnered with the city of Livonia, Michigan to offer WOW! Business fiber-optic connectivity to enhance access of information to its citizens, the company said.

WOW! began working with the city of Livonia in 2015 to install fiber with 100Mbps of dedicated Internet access (DIA) to Livonia´s City Hall Complex, doubling the city´s overall bandwidth from 100Mbps to 200Mbps. The move to WOW! is also allowing the city to lower operating costs, increase efficiency and lower the amount of resources previously required to manage the information services the city provides residents of Livonia.

Having high-quality and dependable broadband and communications service provider partners is critically important to any municipality. City IT and network infrastructures have to be highly reliable and capable of scaling in a cost-effective manner as their needs evolve and grow.

Livonia is a key expansion area for WOW! as the company edges out its local hybrid fiber coax (HFC) broadband network to support the city itself, and more residents and businesses in the future.

WOW! provides broadband, with a service area that connects with three million residential, business and wholesale consumers.