Living Legends Of Aviation renames award

For the first time in its 15-year history, the Living Legends of Aviation has renamed its iconic award to honor aviation entrepreneurs for their lifetime achievements, the company said.

Starting this year, the award will be the “Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award,” named after the aviation visionary and founder of Directional Aviation, the parent of companies including Flexjet, Sentient Jet, Skyjet, Nextant Aerospace and Constant Aviation.

The Living Legends of Aviation was created to honor accomplished men and women in aviation and to support the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, which is dedicated to introducing, educating, and sparking children´s interest in aviation.

The Kenn Ricci Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award will be presented on January 19, 2018 to Robert T. Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Aerospace, which concentrates on designing, developing and building commercially viable, habitable space structures. Past recipients of the Lifetime Aviation Entrepreneur Award include Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic airlines and Virgin Galactic and Frederick Smith, founder of FedEx. Ricci himself won the award in 2017.

More than 700 people, including many of the “Living Legends of Aviation” themselves, attend the annual awards ceremony, which will benefit the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy. The organization anticipates raising close to USD 1 million at the gala, which will take place at the Beverly Hilton.

The Living Legends of Aviation are admirable people of remarkable accomplishment in aviation including entrepreneurs, innovators, industry leaders, record-breakers, astronauts, pilots who have become celebrities and celebrities who have become pilots. The legends meet yearly to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions in aviation. For more information, visit