LiveVox Acquires Teckst

LiveVox, the provider of customer service and digital engagement tools, has announced the acquisition of privately held Teckst, a provider of enterprise messaging, whose platform enables real-time interactions across all major and emerging messaging channels (e.g., SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and Viber), the company said.

Founded in 2014, Teckst is an innovative messaging solution providing integrated tools for business communication. The company is recognized for its pioneering technology and agent-friendly experience. Together, LiveVox and Teckst will offer a comprehensive customer engagement hub for integrating business processes and the flow of communication between consumers and the enterprise.

While voice remains the dominant channel for consumer communications, enterprises are recognizing that their customers are increasingly seeking to reach them (and be reached) via the messaging channels of their choice, and frequently on more than one channel. With a growing mobile-first consumer base, brands must meet the challenge and seize the opportunity of engaging with consumers across all available channels.

The Teckst acquisition continues LiveVox´s commitment to growing its U-Series tools, which offer an incremental path for enterprises and contact centers to evolve their operations from primarily voice-based strategies to ROI-driven digital engagement. By adopting the U-Series offering, enterprises can significantly lower the barriers to incorporating new ways of reaching their consumers while maintaining awareness of who those consumers are throughout the entire journey.

The LiveVox–Teckst merger will help businesses incorporate messaging into their overall omnichannel engagement strategy by delivering a rich two-way messaging solution that harnesses data for personalized and contextual interactions. LiveVox´s growing omnichannel offering empowers its enterprise clients to target, acquire, retain, understand, communicate, and collaborate with their customers within a single pane of glass.

LiveVox is the only one-stop-shop for true omnichannel engagement that unifies modern channels, CRM, and WFO functionality into a single cloud customer engagement platform. Facilitating over 14B interactions annually, LiveVox makes omnichannel easy by unifying all conversations and interactions in one place. Founded in 2000, LiveVox is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Atlanta, Denver, St. Louis, Colombia, and Bangalore. To learn more, visit

Founded in 2014, Teckst enables real-time, human-to-human text and mobile messaging between brands and their customers. The application integrates seamlessly with CRMs, allowing support agents and sales reps to respond directly to SMS and chat messages within their current workflow. The Teckst platform integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, FreshDesk, and more, with a dashboard that puts analytics and controls at the manager´s fingertips.