LiveU, FlyMotion Unmanned Systems to deliver video content

FlyMotion has introduced a drone command and control vehicle called Trident for capturing and distributing video, the company said.

The solution integrates LiveU´s technology for live video acquisition, management and distribution over IP with FlyMotion´s capabilities as a FAA 333 approved UAS solution provider.

Combining innovative UASs with high-quality video transmission tools allows video-sharing capabilities for a wide range of end-users, including TV broadcasters, law-enforcement, search and rescue operators, security organizations and industrial inspectors.

With Trident, these organizations can now fully pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle with optical or infra-red/thermal cameras from inside the mobile command and control vehicle. LiveU´s hybrid bonded cellular technology enables resilient, live video captured by the UAV to be transmitted to any place in the world, making Trident an indispensable solution in mission critical situations where reliable capture and transmission of live video is required.

LiveU provides live video acquisition, management and distribution over IP.

FlyMotion Unmanned Systems was founded in 2014, and headquartered in Tampa, Florida.