Liquid Robotics, Boeing demo maritime warfare capabilities before British Royal Navy

Liquid Robotics and Boeing (NYSE: BA) have demonstrated a network of persistent USVs to detect, report and track a live submarine in a naval demonstration, the company said.

Four Sensor Hosting Autonomous Remote Craft (SHARCs) were deployed off the coast of Northern Scotland during the British Royal Navy´s Unmanned Warrior 2016 demonstration. The autonomous surface vehicles used advanced Boeing acoustic sensors in the live anti-submarine warfare (ASW) mission.

Over the two-week demonstration, the SHARCs detected and tracked an advancing unmanned underwater vehicle and a manned diesel submarine. The SHARCs provided detailed and actionable intelligence to commanders through more than 100 automated contact reports, proving the USVs efficacy to autonomously conduct ASW missions and exchange data in real time.

Liquid Robotics designs and manufactures the SHARC (Sensor Hosting Autonomous Remote Craft) Wave Glider platform. The Wave Glider and SHARC are wave and solar-powered unmanned surface vehicles.