Liqid delivers high-memory solutions

Liqid, provider of the world´s most-comprehensive composable infrastructure solutions and services platform, has announced high-memory solutions with up to 12 TB of Intel® Optane™ memory and 184TB of NVMe storage, enabling in-memory calculations for extremely large datasets, the company said.

The application-agnostic platform delivers unparalleled scale for in-memory databases, including Oracle TimesTen, SAP HANA, Apache Spark, Aerospike DBS, and other memory intensive applications.

Available in 6, 9, and 12 TB configurations, IT users can utilize Intel Optane resources on Linux as native memory without any changes to the application. These high-memory solutions can be used as standalone or combined with up to 184TB of in-system NVMe storage. Liqid´s composable infrastructure platform also enables IT users to compose Intel Optane in tandem with GPUs, FPGAs, or network resources on demand to support unique workload requirements.

As in-memory databases have become more common across enterprise, academic, government, and other data-intensive use cases, DRAM costs and the physical limitations of the media have hampered deployment of these powerful applications.

Liqid provides the world´s most-comprehensive software-defined composable infrastructure platform. The Liqid Composable platform empowers users to manage, scale, and configure physical, bare-metal server systems in seconds and then reallocate core data center devices on-demand as workflows and business needs evolve. Liqid Command Center software enables users to dynamically right size their IT resources on the fly. For more information, visit