Line2 Call Queue enables businesses to handle high call volumes

Leading has introduced Line2 Call Queue to create a virtual waiting room where callers hold until connected to the next available agent, the company said.

This new feature enables customers to: Customize up to 10 agents in a queue at any point in time; Choose between a top down or ´round robin´ method to direct calls; Add background hold music and a personalized business recording.

For sales and customer service focused businesses, this new feature delivers the precision and efficiency of a call center by leveraging existing employees to answer calls. By using their Line2 numbers, employees don´t need to be onsite in order to answer calls.

Line2 provides the most affordable, easy-to-use communications solution for small businesses. Line2 was the first cloud-based phone system built and optimized to support the mobile work environment with full-featured calling and messaging services.

Line2 works on existing devices, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, eliminating the need for new hardware and time-consuming, costly set-up. Learn more at