Limelight Now Has Access to its CDN Service Analytics

Conviva, elevating the way OTT businesses use data-driven intelligence with their Video AI Platform, has announced Limelight Networks as a content delivery network (CDN) collaborator for its QoE (Quality of Experience) Ecosystem Analytics initiative, the company said.

OTT publishers often rely on CDNs to deliver seamless streaming video experiences, and through this collaboration, Limelight now has visibility into the end user experience. By sharing video experience service analytics provisioned for CDNs, a publisher can enable Limelight to act and respond in the shortest period of time to any issues that might arise in the video viewing experience.

Through this collaboration, Limelight is able to look at important experience statistics by region and platform type, as well as metrics such as video start time and latency. Limelight will also have visibility into the same Experience Insights dashboard as its customers, which includes alerts, customer filters and the ability to combine with customer network topology data. This provides transparency for Limelight and its customers as well as a customized view of its network to quickly understand and solve consumer viewing issues.

Conviva powers every internet-connected screen with the most engaging viewing experiences imaginable by elevating the way OTT businesses use data-driven intelligence. For years, HBO, Sky, Turner and the like have been using Conviva´s Video AI Platform to enlighten, reveal and inform with important insights around consumer in-screen viewing experience allowing them to connect those metrics to important business outcomes.