Lightwave Logic's organic electro-optic polymers surpass 4,000 hours of photochemical stability testing

Lightwave Logic, Inc. (OTCQB: LWLG) said that photochemical stability testing of its advanced organic electro-optic polymer materials have now exceeded 4,000 hours with little to no optical degradation of the material´s properties and is well within acceptable results.

These photochemical stability test results along with the thermal stability at 110 degrees Celsius are important in the context of Lightwave Logic´s device development program as it moves from passive to active testing in its first organic polymer-enabled ridge waveguide device.

The company intends to demonstrate that organic polymers can compete head-to-head with inorganic legacy telecom and datacom devices which currently provide the backbone for the entire infrastructure that converts almost incalculable amounts of electronic (binary) data into pulses of light and back on a daily basis.

Lightwave Logic, Inc. is a development stage company that produces prototype electro-optic demonstration devices and is moving toward commercialization of its high-activity, high-stability organic polymers for applications in electro-optical device markets.