LightPointe, KLA Laboratories deliver radios to telecom service providers

LightPointe, a manufacturer of outdoor 60 GHz and 80 GHz point-to-point radios, and its partner KLA Laboratories, an IT integrator, announced the sale of multiple 10 Gbps backhaul radios to a major telecom service provider, the company said.

LightPointe´s AireLink Series radios were installed as part of their customer´s redundant IT infrastructure and risk management strategy, providing wireless connectivity to data centers. In addition to end-users obtaining unsurpassed network uptime, the deployments provide faster-than-fiber access to cloud-based data for employees, which enhances business operations efficiency and reduces operating expenses.

LightPointe ( manufactures wireless bridges for enterprises, 4G/5G/LTE carriers, and Ultra Low Latency (ULL) applications, including High Speed Trading.