LightPointe Introduces High Output Power, LowLatency Gigabit Radio

LightPointe, a San Diego-based manufacturer of outdoor 60 GHz and 70/80 GHz Point to Point radios since 1998, has announced its newest addition to the Aire X-Stream product line, the company said.

The new Aire X-Stream Ultra HP product has the highest output (+28dBm) and lowest latency (less than 10 nanoseconds) on the market. The links are designed around LightPointe´s Ultra Low Latency platform, which has become the de facto standard in applications requiring faster-than-fiber data transmission–such as High-Speed Trading (HFT), Data Center connectivity, and bandwidth intensive transmission of digital video.

LightPointe ( is a San Diego-based manufacturer of 60 GHz and 80 GHz backhaul radio solutions.