LightPointe deploys 60 GHz radios at multiple airports

LightPointe, a manufacturer of millimeter wave point-to-point radios and laser bridges used for high capacity building-to-building connectivity, has deployed fourteen of its Gigabit capacity AireLink 60 radios at airports for a major company in the aviation industry, the company said.

The aviation company desired faster data transmission and higher security for its wireless connections between terminals, aircraft hangers, and offices that had used wireless bridges based on WiFi technology, which many of LightPointe´s competitors use but has been acknowledged by industry experts as susceptible to cybersecurity problems such as hacking and data theft.

And since 60 GHz is–compared to many other radio frequencies–safer within sensitive environments such as airports, LightPointe´s 60 GHz AireLink radios help avoid RF interference and congestion issues.

LightPointe ( manufactures wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for 4G / 5G LTE, WISPs, ISPs, enterprises, and government agencies. LightPointe is owned by employees and a multi-billion dollar diversified firm in Silicon Valley. Manufacturing is in San Diego, California.