LightPointe creates broad line of multi-gigabit wireless bridge solutions

LightPointe, a manufacturer of millimeter wave point-to-point radios and laser bridges used for ultra high capacity building-to-building data network connectivity, security camera backhaul, and wireless backhaul for service providers, has added two new radio configurations to its 80 GHz radio portfolio, the company said.

The AireLink 80 Series now includes four radio configurations with antennas ranging from a small and attractive 8 inch model, for deployment in ETSI countries in Europe, to a large 3 foot system capable of transmitting over 12 miles, depending on geographic location and availability requirements.

Such point-to-point radios are deployed by businesses, 4G and 5G telecom carriers, and other organizations to transmit massive streams of data between buildings or towers, thus avoiding the installation and recurring costs of trenching for fiber.

With up to ´5 nines´ availability, which means less downtime than 5.26 minutes a year, millimeter wave Wireless Fiber systems are now the preferred method for connecting buildings and cell towers.

Founded in 1998, LightPointe ( is a San Diego manufacturer of multi-Gigabit 60 GHz radios, 80 GHz radios and Free Space Optics laser bridges for enterprise building connectivity and 4G / 5G LTE telecom carrier markets. The company manufactures a line of Ultra Low Latency (ULL) wireless bridges utilized for High Frequency Trading (HFT) networks, Data Centers, and Cloud Networks.