Light weight lower cost aerial cinematography lands in USA

Dynamic Perspective GmbH has selected ROTOR FX LLC of Los Angeles to be its service, training, repair and warranty center partner in North America for its lightweight DynaX5 stabilized gimbal technology, the company said.

The DynaX5 represents a newest generation in high end gyro stabilization for cinematography or broadcast use with installation and setup times under 30 minutes. The system is so light it can be operated from inexpensive smaller aircraft such as the Robinson R66, R44 and R22 helicopters and even a gyrocopter as currently implemented at the renowned Pinewood Studios in the UK.

With a less expensive helicopter requirement, this gimbals light weight will introduce the very highest end imaging capability to medium and lower budget film/tv productions and provide a cost effective solution for helicopter news broadcasting into TV markets that previously could never have afforded it. To meet with emerging customer demands the gimbal is also available in an integrated drone or UAV configuration.

The system currently comes in two configurations, a CINE version for feature film and television production and a broadcast package for TV news or outdoor events. The DynaX5 provides the director with a wide selection of many popular industry camera-lens combinations that are user selectable and field changeable offering wide shot versatility on set. The gimbal can also be quickly relocated from aircraft to camera car to cable or boom making it a single solution asset on location.

ROTOR FX LLC will provide technical support as well as any warranty service for the DynaX5 with factory trained technicians and a complete compliment of spare parts and spare gimbals for immediate field replacement if needed. The company will also provide completion services for temporary or permanent film and ENG installations from its showroom and hangars at Van Nuys.