Life Link III adds IFR-certified AW119 to fleet of helicopters

EMS operator Life Link III has announced the addition of an AW119Kx to expand its existing fleet of 10 helicopters, with an option for a second aircraft in the future, the company said.

An FAA IFR-certified single engine, the AW119 allows safe operations in low visibility and challenging weather conditions combined with high performance and cabin space while keeping single engine economics.

Life Link III´s AW119Kx helicopters deliver in-flight critical care and transport patients in Minnesota and Wisconsin with over 21,000 total flight hours amassed. Delivery from the AW119 final assembly line in Philadelphia is expected in the third quarter of 2021.

The contract marks the first sale for the FAA-certified IFR-capable AW119 in the civil market and for emergency medical service roles.

Built at Leonardo´s FAA Part 21 production facility in Philadelphia, the AW119 is a single engine helicopter featuring an avionics system for enhanced situational awareness, mission effectiveness and safety by flight and mission avionics, power margin, multiple system redundancies and crashworthiness.

Life Link III operates eight helicopter bases, and offers helicopter and airplane services that provide on-scene emergency response and inter-facility transport for patients requiring critical care.