Libre Wireless Technologies powers Hansong's miniature wireless audio/voice/IoT device

Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc., an embedded Wireless Voice/AI solutions provider, has announced its industry “MAVID” low power mic-to-cloud platform is powering a revolutionary new miniature portable speaker and voice assistant, the company said.

The product, designated the “Microdot XS,” is a full featured WiFi/Bluetooth audio speaker with a no compromise far field voice interface featuring Amazon Alexa Built-In.

The MAVID device, a single chip mic-to-cloud solution measuring only 13.5mm square, enabled Hansong Technology to create this entirely new category of personal, portable battery powered miniature voice-enabled product.

The Microdot XS is about the size of a golf ball yet has all the advanced features of full size WiFi audio speakers. The miniature size and long battery life means consumers can take great audio and Alexa capabilities with them everywhere. This includes on-the-go for a truly mobile and uncompromised “Alexa with you everywhere” experience. This is achieved by using the device´s unique ability to connect to your mobile phone hotspot while maintaining special low power connections for extended voice assistant and music streaming support.

The first MAVID-based Hansong Microdot XS product will launch in Q3 2019 in multiple markets including the US, UK, Germany and France.

Hansong Technology is a provider of wireless audio and AI-IoT connectivity and an OEM/ODM manufacturer of high performance, premium audio equipment, such as home theatre Hi-Fi and AV systems, custom installation product, professional audio, wireless technologies and commercial products including AI voice and IoT devices.

Libre Wireless Technologies is a provider of WiFi and Wireless technologies for IoT, media streaming, voice interface and AI applications. Libre delivers comprehensive embedded hardware and software SDK solutions that are scalable across ecosystems, features, power and price.