Libre Wireless Technologies partners with Summit Semiconductor on home theater audio systems

Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc. has developed a strategic working relationship with Summit Semiconductor to enable low latency high resolution multichannel surround audio scalable from stereo to 7.1, as part of Libre´s standard LibreSync WiFi media module platform, the company said.

The integration of low latency multichannel on a single WiFi subsystem allows for concurrent support of multichannel as well as Libre´s full WiFi music streaming, multiroom audio, voice and home connectivity features. This capability enables a significant cost down for connected sound bars and home theater systems that will bring wireless surround sound into the mainstream.

Previously, low latency links have always been proprietary, single function modules adding incremental cost to the products as well as complex interoperability and RF coexistence challenges. Now, Libre enabled speakers will have the added benefit of being able to be used for WiFi music streaming as well as multichannel audio applications without adding additional cost to the speaker. This new solution also eliminates the coexistence challenges delivering OEM´s and ODM´s a solution with much lower cost, risk and faster time to market.

The new Libre-Summit approach is expected to facilitate new use cases and incredibly compelling experiences for consumers with their mobile content as well. Whether for gaming, movies or web video content, the ability to provide high quality fixed low latency surround sound directly from mobile devices is revolutionary.

Libre will offer this multichannel streaming technology across their LibreSync product line giving customers flexibility in price/performance options. Libre´s turnkey LibreSync WiFi module solutions are unique in that they bring full high resolution audio to Libre´s innovative direct multidevice streaming technology supporting both transmit and receive applications.

Libre Wireless Technologies has extensive expertise and experience in developing WiFi/Wireless technologies with IoT, Media streaming and voice interface/control software and SDK platforms, electronic modules and RF/antenna design solutions.