Libre Wireless Technologies Introduces Universal Wireless Audio Streaming

Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc., an embedded Wireless Voice/AI solutions provider in innovative voice solutions, has announced a unique new industry wireless consumer audio streaming solution characterized as the “Universal Audio Streaming End Point,” the company said.

This unique new embedded WiFi media platform leads the market to support and seamlessly move between concurrently operating audio streaming ecosytem players, all embedded within one product. The audio capabilities include single end point streaming and also fully synchronized multiroom-multidevice streaming, including interoperability across brands and product types.

Consumers love their voice assistants and so this platform also enables convenient voice control of the devices, both single devices as well as multiroom-multidevice groupings leveraging consumers many existing voice assistant products. This brings consumers convenient and simple voice control across ecosystems delivering a simple and interoperable whole home audio experience for the first time.

The new Universal Audio Streaming platform leverages Libre´s new LS9X mainstream WiFi media module to enable these industry capabilities at compelling solution price points. The new LS9X leverages Libre´s proven and embedded hardware and software solutions from its LS9AD module family that´s certified with Google Chromecast Built-In, Amazon Alexa Built-In, Apple Airplay2 and Spotify Connect. It features dual band 11ac WiFi, Bluetooth audio, simple Blue Tooth LE setup and all the necessary media processing.

Libre Wireless Technologies is a provider of WiFi and Wireless technologies for IoT, media streaming, voice interface and AI applications. Libre delivers comprehensive embedded hardware and software SDK solutions that are scalable across ecosystems, features, power and price.