Liaison, cloudBuy partner for B2B purchase-to-pay processes

Liaison Technologies said it has partnered with cloudBuy plc, a global e-commerce solutions provider, to offer a fully integrated solution for automating the B2B e-commerce procurement process for both buyers and sellers.

The new end-to-end solution supports online purchasing portals for enterprises and streamlines purchase-to-pay processes.

cloudBuy connects buyers and sellers to ensure secure, ethical and economical B2B e-commerce. By incorporating Liaison´s new ALLOY Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) into its e-commerce solutions, cloudBuy said it can offer enhanced capabilities to integrate and manage both applications and data seamlessly, and at scale across a wide range of finance, purchase order, ERP and other software used by its customers to manage the procurement process.

With Liaison´s ALLOY platform working behind the scenes to integrate and harmonize data from a variety of sources, cloudBuy can deliver a simpler, paperless procurement system that flows smoothly and automatically from PO approval to invoicing. This streamlined process eliminates manual PO and order entry and approval, ensuring buyers get the products they need quickly at the best price and sellers get paid immediately.

Liaison Technologies provides integration and data management solutions to help customers unlock the power of a data-centric approach to their business.

cloudBuy plc provides cloud solutions for buyers and sellers — and brings them together to trade securely and ethically via an increasing number of public e-marketplaces and private purchasing portals that are powered by cloudBuy technology.