LHP Telematics chooses Hortonworks to modernize public services

Hortonworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: HDP) said that LHP Telematics (LHPT) is using the Hortonworks Data Platform to turn data into actionable insights for the Metro Transit of St. Louis (MTL).

Initiating a proactive bus maintenance program, MTL developed the a plan to combine historical data on bus component failures, comply with changing emission standards and adjust to a smaller work force. The LHPT data science team ran algorithms on HDP for pattern recognition to correlate events to component failures and weed out maintenance inefficiencies. As a result, MTL can predict when a component on a particular bus will fail, raising the average time between bus failures by a factor of five.

“We did not expect to get as much information as we did with access to data from HDP,” said Darren Curry, chief mechanical officer for MTL. “I still believe that we will be able to increase our performance with LHPT and Hortonworks another two to three times on top of what we have achieved.”

MTL estimates that since initiating the solution, the mean time between failures has further extended by 25,000 to 30,000 miles. MTL also experienced improvement on operating mileage and a 30 percent increase in bus lifespan. More than two-thirds of the MTL bus fleet has been equipped with the LHPT and Hortonworks solution, with complete implementation expected in 2018.

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