Leviton introduces Bluetooth-capable digital controls

Leviton has announced its new Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth technology, the company said.

These powerful lighting controls provide the ability to dim and time lighting without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection. Users simply pair the device with the Leviton Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer App and use on-screen menu options to control lights with Apple or Android smartphones or tablets within a 30-foot range. Decora Digital Controls are available in dimmer and switch models.

Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth technology are designed for contemporary style and each device can be uniquely named for easy identification when paired with the app. Both the dimmer and switch offer flexibility to program timed events at set or random times for daily activities or for a “lived-in” look while occupants are away. An astronomical clock, automatically set through the connection with a smart device, adjusts for local sunrise/sunset times as well as daylight saving time. Additionally, the devices feature a countdown sleep timer which can be set for up to 12 hours for added convenience.

The Decora Digital Dimmer is a powerful device combining the best of Leviton dimmer and timer functions with today´s technology. Digital circuitry provides programmable soft fade on and fade off as well as the ability to set the maximum light level for energy savings. It is compatible with dimmable LED, dimmable CFL, Incandescent, Halogen or Mark 10® Powerline loads. A matching remote is available for 3-way/multi-control applications.

The Decora Digital Switch functions as a standard wall switch and a countdown or programmable timer. Using the app to set timer functions makes it quick and easy to control lights and other switched loads such as exhaust fans and pool filters.

The Leviton Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth technology meet all applicable Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements and comes with a five-year limited product warranty. A neutral wire is required for installation.

Leviton Decora Digital Controls with Bluetooth technology are now available through Leviton´s network of retail, online and electrical distribution channels, including its online store http://store.leviton.com/.

Leviton provides comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today´s residential, commercial and industrial buildings.