LevelBlox continues development of enterprise blockchain platforms

LevelBlox, Inc. (OTCQB: LVBX), a developer of Software Asset Management (“SAM”) applications and enterprise Blockchain platforms, has announced it has entered into two Securities Purchase Agreements with Simon Librati, CEO of The Liberty Fund – and BlueStar Capital — led by Roman Bruere, the company said.

In addition, Librati will join the LevelBlox Advisory Board.

LevelBlox is developing a Blockchain-based SAM license reconciliation and audit solution on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform, that establishes a validated trust relationship with software vendors and their customers that will help mitigate and eliminate the need for aggressive and litigious hard audits, significantly reducing or eliminating the cost of license audits, compliance, legal, double spending, and true-ups.

LevelBlox is a publicly traded enterprise software company. We are committed to Blockchain deployments for enterprise markets and serving the enterprise market to produce value by helping to make compelling software products to solve business problems. To learn more, visit http://levelblox.com/.