Level 11 Unveils Multi-Screen, Interactive, Large-Scale Video Platform

Level 11 contributed to Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) by creating the Network Wall with custom-built software, functionality, content curation in collaboration with Bora Architects and GIX leadership, the company said.

Bora Architects of Portland, Oregon initially imagined the Network Wall in their design of the GIX facility; Level 11 brought it to life.

The Network Wall is an interactive, multi-screen installation displayed prominently on the first floor of the new GIX facility. The Network Wall plays large-scale video, cycles through announcements and recognition of partners, and is multi-touch enabled.

Level 11 is a Seattle-based experience design and engineering consultancy that invents new technologies for customers to fundamentally transform how they engage, experience, interact with and remember brands. Its team of designers and engineers invent new technologies and follow a proprietary Experience Design Engineeringâ„¢ methodology. This XDEâ„¢ approach addresses every touchpoint in a client´s connected ecosystem–physical, digital, in-store, online, mobile, wearable, Internet of Things–across the lifecycle of users, guests, and customers. For more information, visit www.level11.com.