Less than half of iPhone users planning to switch to iPhone 5 — study

The launch of the new Apple iPhone 5 has made headlines globally, but what certainly matters more than publicity is what consumers think of the new gadget. According to a poll by online research company Usurv, 44% of current iPhone users in the UK are willing to switch to iPhone 5. In what will essentially be a ‘sell iPhone – buy iPhone’ move, the iPhone 4 will quickly become redundant as new apps are launched on iPhone 5 only firmware ensuring that Apple fanatics continue updating to the newest models.

Overall, the survey finds that one in five British smartphone users want to have the new mobile device, even without researching into its features. However, Samsung Galaxy users tend to be most loyal to their brand, with just 5% of them admitting they want to try iPhone 5. The feeling of loyalty could partly be fuelled by the recent court battles between Samsung and Apple, experts believe.

When asked about the features they find most attractive in the new product, almost one in five cite its larger screen as an advantage and a further 17% say they find faster Internet access appealing. However, two in five respondents are unimpressed by the new device, saying that none of its features is of interest to them. Furthermore, over a quarter of those polled believe that the launch of iPhone 5 has been “over-hyped”, without the product actually offering anything new or intriguing.

Usurv director and market researcher Guy Potter comments that the poll was carried out immediately after the official launch of iPhone 5, with the intention to gauge consumers´ spontaneous reaction to the news. In general, UK users do not seem over-excited about the product, he summarises.

Source: M2 Bespoke News