Leonardo awarded for electric tail rotor for helicopters

The National Award for Innovation, the most important prize for Italian innovation, was awarded to Leonardo during a ceremony held in the Chamber of Deputies, the company said.

Established by the Italian Government at the National Foundation for Technological Innovation, COTEC, the Award, better known as the “Premio dei Premi”, aims to enhance and support the best examples of innovation in many sectors including industry, design, education and research.

Leonardo was awarded the prize for the research and development of an electric tail rotor for helicopters, a solution that offers numerous benefits in terms of reliability, safety, maintenance, operational use and fuel consumption, with a significant environmental impact reduction.

This technology is part of a roadmap to increase the use of electrical equipment in aircraft systems and propulsion. The project was developed within Clean Sky, the European programme created with the aim of increasing cutting-edge technologies capable of leading to a significant reduction in the acoustic and environmental impact of airplanes and helicopters and air transport in general. The objective is the development of aircraft characterised by lower emissions, both in terms of noise and pollutants, and greater fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, within the National Innovation Award, Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Leonardo(33%) and Thales (67%), won another award, ranking it among the most innovative companies in the Industry and Services category.