Legrand to use Nest Weave Communication Protocol in connected products

Legrand said it is working with Nest Inc. and will be using the Nest Weave protocol in the development of its connected products.

As announced on 8 July 2015 during a press conference to unveil Eliot, its Internet of Things program, Legrand said it is continuing to promote interoperability between connected products in buildings.

Legrand is also a member of the AllSeen Alliance, an international consortia campaigning for global adoption of Internet of Things products, systems and services based on AllJoyn technology, and historically of the ZigBee® Alliance – ZigBee® being the open global international wireless standard for the Internet of Things.

Eliot is the name of the program launched in 2015 by Legrand to speed its deployment of Internet of Things in the group offerings. Born out of the Group´s innovation strategy, its aim is to develop connectable solutions in 40 product families, to bring lasting benefits to both private and professional users.