Leanplum reports 800% increase in push notification engagement

Mobile marketing platform Leanplum has released its second data science report, “Personalize or Bust: The Impact on App Engagement,” which examines the significant impact of personalization on messaging engagement, finding up to 800 percent higher user engagement levels when brands personalize their approach, the company said.

Leanplum analyzed how users responded to more than 1.5 billion push notifications to gather actionable insights marketers need to boost open rates, including critical differences between Android and iOS engagement. To empower more context-rich messaging, Leanplum also launched a new feature, Linked Data, to personalize push notifications with just-in-time external information, adding real-world relevance to messaging.

“Personalize or Bust” examines how different facets of personalization create higher user engagement. Leanplum looked at the effect of operating systems, content, delivery methods, and geographic regions on both open rates and median time to open. Some of the data findings include:

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