Leading companies agree to deliver solution for fixed wireless and cable markets

Federated Wireless, the provider of spectrum management software, and BLiNQ Networks (a CCI company), a pioneer in low-cost, high-capacity LTE Wireless Access (FWA) solutions, has announced a new cooperation agreement that will allow BLiNQ to offer an integrated shared spectrum solution to Wireless ISPs and Cable Operators, the company said.

BLiNQ delivers the best cost-per-gigabit air capacity in the industry through massive MIMO technology, providing wireless solutions that are reliable and affordable.

Federated Wireless leads the industry with its Spectrum Controller, which is at the heart of all of the major shared spectrum trials underway in the US to date.

Together, the two companies will support Wireless ISPs taking advantage of 150 MHz of new spectrum to increase rural and suburban broadband coverage with fixed wireless solutions, and Cable Operators implementing new mobile network strategies.

Federated Wireless is the wireless industry through the shared spectrum revolution, unlocking a spectrum of possibilities by eliminating the decades-old problem of spectrum scarcity. The company offers the industry´s first spectrum controller, enabling government and commercial users to securely share the same spectrum band. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Federated Wireless is removing the multi-billion dollar price tag associated with spectrum access, allowing for the creation of new wireless carriers and business models.

BLiNQ Networks is a pioneer of next-generation wireless solutions that feature intelligent systems capable of adapting to the radio frequency environment to maximize capacity and performance.

CCI is a network infrastructure innovation company providing mobile operators around the world with cost effective, revenue increasing RF solutions that are rapidly deployable, fit-for-purpose and maximize the use of valuable spectrum and existing network investments. CCI delivers field proven solutions for coverage enhancement, densification and capacity, interference reduction, spectrum re-farming and the co-location of LTE, UMTS and emerging 5G technologies. CCI continues to expand its portfolio with patented antenna solutions, small cell deployment and fixed wireless access solutions as well as industry defining portable PIM analyzers. For more information, visit www.cciproducts.com.