LDA Technologies pioneers FPGA board enclosure with 25GbE networking capabilities

LDA Technologies has released LDA e4, a 25GbE capable networking enclosure for PCI Express compliant FPGA boards, piloting a new generation of data center devices engineered for high-speed communication and financial FPGA applications, the company said.

In addition to being board-agnostic, LDA e4 comes with 48 high-speed ports (25 and 10GbE), Layer 1 replication (25 and 10GbE) and support for various CPUs and operating systems.

Other features offered by LDA e4 include designated precision power control, accurate reference clock source, per port signal monitoring tools, out-of-band management, internal USB ports for debug equipment, zero-configuration option.

LDA Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, specializing in high performance FPGA based platforms. LDA Technologies has been manufacturing products and providing consultancy services for customers since 2010.