Latest Set-Top Box Client Harnesses RDK Advances to Enable Continuous Innovation

Transforming the viewing experience worldwide, Espial announced the introduction of its fifth-generation RDK-based set-top box (STB) client solution, the company said.

Maintaining its leadership position, Espial has introduced the latest Espial G4 STB Client to fully enable DevOps and harness ongoing RDK innovations. Espial is streamlining and automating development to dramatically improve time to market, accelerate feature velocity, and support the richest video service capabilities on the market, including OTT apps.

This approach allows operators to seamlessly incorporate the Espial G4 STB Client into their DevOps model to accelerate service velocity with continuous integration.

With this release, the company is introducing the Espial True RDK Toolkit, which features automation, building tools, processes, and test suites to fully harness ongoing innovations and contributions. This allows operators to remain tip of trunk and benefit from the investment scale of the RDK community to quickly adopt new capabilities. Operators can easily utilize advanced networking features for QAM, hybrid, and IP STBs, as well as next-generation use cases, such as pluggable storage, network DVR, pause live TV, in-home content distribution, and wireless TV. Espial´s G4 STB Client is used by operators around the world, including NOS, the primary cable operator in Portugal.

With Espial, video service providers create responsive and engaging subscriber viewing experiences incorporating powerful content discovery and intuitive navigation. Service providers achieve “´web-speed” innovation with Espial´s flexible, open cloud software leveraging RDK and HTML5 technologies. This provides competitive advantage through an immersive and personalized user experience, seamlessly blending advanced TV services with OTT content. With customers spanning six continents, Espial is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with R&D centers in Seattle, Montreal, Silicon Valley, Cambridge, and Lisbon, and sales offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.